Meet the Man who cures HIV in Nigeria – See full details

Meet the Man who cures HIV in Nigeria – See full details

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Why I match-make HIV positive victims

Emmanuel Michael Ugochukwu, a Nigerian Christian, has taken it upon himself to bring happiness to victims of HIV in the country by matchmaking them and having them go into marriage after. Ugochukwu said this difficult task started with the idea and knowledge of his religion.
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“It started from a religious point of view…it started from my church, I learnt how to reach out to these people. A lot of them are into drugs,” he told Lebo Diseko of Newsday in an audio interview while noting how, in Nigeria, once a person is up to 30 years, he or she faces pressure from people to get married. On how he came about the need, he said he had a first-hand experience when he visited a hospital through his church. “I saw these people being neglected and treated the way I don’t like. “So I thought the best is for them to have feelings for each other and start growing. “All I needed (to) do is a write-up; people would read and become interested. They would call me and show their interests,” he said. He said the main reason people accept to be match-made is for them to be happy.
“Every good thing has a bad (side) and every bad thing has a good (side) but I look at it from the good point of view,” he told the interviewer while mentioning the marriage of two HIV victims, Jide and Taiwo, as a case in point.
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