Could This be The Rummoured Baby Mama of Singer WillyD? (Photos)

Could This be The Rummoured Baby Mama of Singer WillyD? (Photos)

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It’s now a normal thing for celebrities to flaunt their babies on social media. And it has become a common thing for these celebrities to have baby mamas too. Certain rumours have been going round that fast and rising star WillyD has a baby mama he doesn’t want us to know about.
This is coming after an outburst between WillyD and his ex-girlfriend on Facebook just last week. The artist posted last week on Facebook that he can’t allow his baby to “suck a tattoed breast” and this statement doesn’t seem to go well with one Emmanuel Jennifer, believed to be his ex-girlfriend, who attacked him via the comments section.
WillyD wrote: “Okay wait lemme say duh truth..m single bcuz:•
*m trying to be careful so ma bby wont suck a tattoed breast (no offence if u got one)
*e go pain me if duh wrong gurl enjoy ma raba or enjoy duh Ac from ma car (u know how much gas cost now)
*Well i want a chocolate skinned african natural beauty with carlifornia waist and hips tho.
Thats all for now.”
See screenshot below:

And the angered ex-girlfriend replied him: “Mumu tank God say we don breakup b4 I got my tat, nd hey!! Fool!! It isn’t on my breast its on my wrist…”
See screenshot below:

It gets more interesting as the story gets deeper and we decided to dig further into the matter and hey see what we find out. WillyD has some photos of himself and a baby on Facebook and Instagram which led many, including us, to believe he has a baby and the baby surely has a mama, hence WillyD has a baby mama. Fuelling the rumours further, we discovered that the fast rising star has been flaunting pictures on social media and maybe that’s his baby we don’t know yet. But he is yet to reveal whom the baby mama is. Could this be his baby and the baby mama.
Checkout some pictures below:

We will keep you posted as the story goes on.
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