How to make enviable profit in just 85 days from growing watermelon

How to make enviable profit in just 85 days from growing watermelon

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“I do not know how I would be fairing
now if I had stuck to my purchasing job.
Going into farming was a good decision,” says Annie Nyaga.

Annie Nyaga a graduate of biomedical science
turned farmer, said she venture into
watermelons because they do very well
in her home town, and because “they
are high-yielding, mature faster and dory
well in the market.”

Annie among many Nigerians has termed watermelon ‘a poor man’s fastest
road to riches.’
And contrary to the wrong opinion that
watermelon can only do well in the
Northern parts of Nigeria, watermelon
can actually be profitably grown from
ANYWHERE in Nigeria.

Moreover, the warmer temperatures and
longer growing season of the southern part particularly favors this vegetable.
Why is Watermelon farming such a very
lucrative venture you should consider?
Here are 3 main reasons:

1. Huge Selling Opportunities: If you opt to farm watermelons, you will
never struggle with selling them, as
watermelon is highly valued by
Nigerians for their taste and health
benefits. In many cases, your balls of
watermelon are bought right in your

2. Little Capital: Watermelon does not
require so much to start, and takes less
than 3 months from planting to
harvesting. Interestingly, your Return
On Investment (ROI) can be as high as
300-600%. Amazing indeed!

3. Ease of Cultivation: Watermelon
cultivation is not stressful. There is no
complex preparation needed to start a
watermelon business. If you can follow
simple and clear instruction, then you
are good to go.

But, your success depends on one thing.
You must get the RIGHT training. I mean you must be exposed to its do and do not. In any business, if you want to be successful, you must be equipped with the right information.

As a graduate of Agriculture with over
10 years experience planting in one of
the biggest Agro firm in Africa, I can
tell you what works and what does not.
I really want you to open your eyes to
the potential in this business. Thus, I
have put together for you a powerful guide that explains all you need to know on preparing your own viable watermelon business in a portable document format (PDF). This is just for #1000.

To get yours, contact SAMMY on
+2348131080717 (whatsapp only)

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